Walk and Talk: French Pyrenees

Another week-long retreat in the Pyrenean mountains close to the French-Spanish border, hosted by Paul Brocklehurst and Blanca Rubí. 9th to 16th June.

EtsautThey write: 'If you enjoy walking in wild natural environments, eating good food, and sharing your experiences with other like-minded people, this is for you!

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for a small group of up to 10 people, all of whom have a connection with stuttering, to walk, talk, and share experiences in the midst of one of the most spectacular and beautiful natural environments that Europe has to offer.

We have selected a variety of walks that incorporate mountain lakes, forests and spectacular gorges and panoramas. In addition, the village of Etsaut where we are based and the nearby countryside, villages and towns (both sides of the border) offer a wide variety of alternative possibilities for you to explore.'

Website: www.stammeringresearch.org/pyreneeswalk.htm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pyreneeswalkandtalk/ which includes pictures of previous events.