'You have a voice: self-empowerment for people who stammer', City Lit, London

Unique five session course exploring issues to do with stammering, self-identity and difference. Monday evenings, 8th May to 12th June.

Mondays 08/05/17 - 12/06/17
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Fee: £79 (full and senior) Concessions £48
Contact: speechtherapy@citylit.ac.uk  Tel: 020 7492 2579

On this 5 session course you will explore issues to do with stammering, identity and difference and reflect on your own attitudes to stammering, as well as discuss and challenge attitudes and images of stammering in the media. Through this work you’ll develop a more robust sense of self.

The topics covered on this unique course link to the themes covered in the recent Stammering Pride and Prejudice conference held at City Lit.

What the course will cover?

  • Stammering, difference and identity
  • The social model of disability and stammering
  • Social factors affecting stammering
  • Barriers and discrimination
  • Media images of stammering
  • Exploration of personal beliefs and attitudes to stammering
  • How to challenge stereotypical attitudes and images
  • Ideas for working on the development of a robust self-identity as a person who stammers.

City Lit web page for the course www.citylit.ac.uk/courses/you-have-a-voice-self-empowerment-for-people-w...

Do get in touch with City Lit if you have any questions or if you would like to enrol. Email: speechtherapy@citylit.ac.uk or telephone: 0207 492 2569.