Research on social attitudes and stammering: participants wanted

| 28.03.2017

Debora Camillini is looking for participants to take part in research on how adults who stammer feel with regards to the attitude society has towards the stammer.

She is a postgraduate student at Bristol University undertaking research as part of a postgraduate Psychology Dissertation: Stuttering in Contemporary Society. Exploring how adults who stutter perceive contemporary society to understand and accommodate their stutter.

The research particularly explores whether adults who stammer perceive contemporary society to prevent them from achieving or doing things they believe they could achieve or do, if they did not stammer.

Participants must be over 21, and will have a one-to-one interview with the researcher over Skype.

There is more detail in this flyer (pdf).

If you are interested in taking part, please contact the researcher Debora Camillini at