Facebook Live Chat with BSA

Is there anything you’re dying to ask us here at the BSA? Want to learn more about our services, or just get something off your chest?

Now’s your chance, as BSA Service Director and Specialist Speech and Language Therapist Rachel Everard will be hosting a Facebook Live Chat event on Thursday 18th April, from 6pm to 7pm.

How to take part

We’ll be streaming the Q&A live in the BSA support group on Facebook. Here's how you can join in:

1. Visit the group via the following link at 6pm on 18th April: www.facebook.com/groups/stammeringbsa 

2. You'll see a video featuring Rachel. Simply type your question in the comments box below it for her to answer.

Note: you need to be a member of the group to take part. To join, click on the link above and press 'Join the group'. (This may take a few hours, as moderators need to approve the request.)

The chat might get busy, so let us know if you have any topics you’d like Rachel to cover beforehand at this Facebook event page: www.facebook.com/events/396179007598603/