Self-Help (incl groups)

Introducing self-help

Mutual support

Many find it very helpful to have some contact with other people who stammer, either online or face-to-face. They are likely to understand the challenges you face, and will often be dealing with similar issues. (More on the benefits of this: We bring people together.)

You can do this in various ways:

BSA knows of many adults who stammer who had never talked about their experience of stammering with another adult who stammers in their entire lives. When they do so, it is usually a life-changing moment.

Particular situations

We have pages on:

We don't have a page on dating at the moment, but click on our dating tag for articles. We have a separate At work section on employment, and a page on University.

There is a free online video resource which you may find helpful to practice speaking in different situations such as getting a train ticket or a coffee: Scenari-Aid: online videos to practice speech situations.

Other resources

You can get an information pack from our Information and Support Service.

The Speaking Out section of our website has a wealth of articles by people who stammer talking about their experiences and what helps. (We are still in the course of transferring more articles over from our old website).

We have a large BSA members' library which includes book and DVDs.

Becoming a member of BSA will entitle you to our magazine Speaking Out, as well as our members' newsletter and access to the library.