Self-Help (incl groups)

Public speaking / presentations

Public speaking can be daunting for anyone. However, it is something one can learn to do succesfully, with or without a stammer.

We will be expanding this page in future, but you can look at the Public Speaking tag to find articles about people's experiences of public speaking, within work or outside it, and what they find helps.

Speakers clubs

King's Speakers groupThe Association of Speakers Clubs and Toastmasters International are two organisations which exist to help people improve their skills in public speaking. You can join a local group, simply as an observer to begin with, then proceed at your own pace to practice making short speeches, receiving support and constructive feedback from other members.

These are general organisations, not in any way focussed on stammering (apart from the King's Speakers below). However, many people who stammer have found them helpful as a way of gaining confidence in a supportive setting. See articles under the tag Speakers clubs.

To find a local group, use the following websites:

People who stammer can go to any Toastmasters or ASC group, but the King's Speakers in London is a group particularly for people who stammeer

Also we at BSA have a Speaking Out Team, if you're interested in using speaking opportunities to create greater understanding of stammering. It has a Facebook group.

Speaking Circles

Speaking Circles® can be helpful for people who are uncomfortable speaking in groups.

"Speaking Circles are a natural and supportive approach to speaking in front of people. The format can benefit people who stammer in a number of ways - changing self perceptions, overcoming performance tendencies, increasing self-acceptance and improving listening skills. Speaking Circles enable people who stammer to actively confront some of the issues at the core of the problem."
Trained Speaking Circle facilitator who also stammers, from The Value of Speaking Circles for those who stammer.

Speaking Circles are run by City Lit, London, by the Stammering Support Centre in Leeds, and by some stammering self-help groups.