Self-Help (incl groups)

Scenari-Aid: online videos to practice speech situations has video simulations to help you practice different speech situations. It is free, though you need to register.

Screenshot of interview panel videoScenari-Aid is a website offering free virtual scenario simulations, which can help people who stammer practice everyday situations. It has over 100 digitally-recorded scenarios including:

• Job Interviews
• Services, for example getting a train ticket, taxi, at the post office
• Medical, eg at the doctors, or an emergency call
• Food, eg fast food shops, restaurants
• Entertainment
• Purchases, at various kinds of shops
• Social
• Accommodation, eg check-in and check-out.

How it works is you choose a scenario, for example a fast food restaurant. A video then starts, taken from your point of view as if you are walking into the restaurant and up to the counter. An employee then asks what you would like and pauses for you to say your answer.

Scenari-Aid was developed by Grant Meredith, a person who stammers who lectures in e-learning and professional communication skills at The University of Ballarat in Australia.

Man behind counterThere is a review, and some comments by Grant Meredith in our Speaking Out article Scenari-Aid: online practice simulations.

Further development of the site

In June 2014 Scenari-Aid announced that as a result of last year’s crowd funding campaign it has just rolled out another build phase. "During this phase we have enabled a different video player and have encoded all 600 clips again to suit. This has enabled us strengthen the cross-platform support of Scenari-Aid and in turn the global reach."

Supported devices now include among others Android, and Apple iOS, as well as Windows -

Scenari-Aid also intends to implement improved functionality over coming months, including the ability for the users to set and track goals.