Find a local self-help group

Setting up and running a self-help group

Cover: A guide for stammering and managing a self-help support group

If there's no self-help group near you, why not start one up? Remember you can contact our Helpline for advice on starting or running a group.

BSA guide

BSA has produced a Guide for starting and managing a self-help support group (pdf file). Alternatively, you can ask our Helpline to send you a hard copy of the Guide - remember to include your postal address. As well as dealing with starting up a self-help group, the Guide may be useful for ideas if you are already running a group.

Let BSA know about your group

Do please let BSA know if you are proposing to start a self-help group. We can:

  • include the group on our website,
  • email people on our database with local postcodes, and
  • refer people to you who contact us in your area.

You need to sign and post in to us the form at the end of the Guide above. Contact our Helpline.