Children, teens, parents & teachers

In our library: books, DVDs etc for children and young people who stammer, and for parents and teachers who support them.

For children and teens

  • Book: SNOW, WHITE, by Keith Austin. Contemporary fantasy novel for young adults whose lead character, John, is a 13-year-old boy with a stammer, living in the UK. Red Fox, 2014. Review.
  • Book: THE FIVE OF US, by Quentin Blake. This book for children aged 4-11 tells the story of The Fantastic Five. One of them, Eric, has a stammer, though this is never referred to directly. But he helps decisively when Eddie, the adult who drives their van, becomes ill. Book review.
  • Book: CAN I TELL YOU ABOUT STAMMERING? A guide for friends, family and professionals. By Sue Cottrell. Jessica Kingsley, 2013. This illustrated book is supposedly written by Harry, a 7-year-old boy who stammers. It is a good short introduction for children aged 7 and up, parents, family and friends to the problems of stammering. Book review.
  • Book: WHO-WHO-WHO GOES HOO-HOO-HOO? By Peter Scheider & Gisela Schartmann. Speechmark Publishing, 2012.This children's book tells the story of a hedgehog who stammers. He feels lonely till he meets a mouse who stammers and together they save the forest animals from a dangerous monster. For young stammering children and their friends.
  • Book: STEGGIE'S STAMMER, by Jack Hughes. Publisher Wayland, 2012. Written for children, this book describes how Steggie, a little femaile diinosaur with a stammer, rescues her friends when they all get lost in the Dark Forest. Good illustrations by the author. Review.
  • Book: HOORAY FOR AIDEN by Karen Hollet, illustrated by Lori-Lee Thomas. Aimed at children aged 4-9, this book tells the story of a little girl called Aiden who moves to a new school in a new town. Slowly, with a little help from a teacher, Aidan learns that it's OK to stutter. Review.
  • Book: NICKLUS, Wicke, Ed.  Blacknblue Press, 2004. Nicklus is a boy with a stammer. He teams up with a cat he meets in the park to scupper the plans of Lady Emmeline to kill every cat in London. This excellently written book is suitable for some adults as well as many children..
  • Book: SOMETIMES I JUST STUTTER by Eelco de Gues. A book for children between ages 7 and 12. This book is produced by the Stuttering Foundation of America and is highly recommended because of the easy way it is written, including letters from children who stammer, and illustrations we can all relate to. 1999-2003.
  • Book: STUTTERING STAN TAKES A STAND, by Artie Knapp (Author), Barbara L. Gibson (Illustrator). Children's book about a squirrel who stammers. 2008. Review.
  • Book: JASON'S SECRET, by Ellen-Marie Silverman. The story of Jason, a 10 year old boy with a stammer. Review.
  • Book: THE FLIM FLAM MAN by Darleen Bailey Beard (New York 1998). Book for young children with stammering character
  • Book: THE ADVENTURES OF PHIL CARROT: THE FOREST OF DISCORD, by Michael Sugarman & Kim C. Swain. Phil's journey into the Forest of Discord and his more significant journey into the world of his own fears will delight and inspire young children, especially those who are trapped behind their stammer. Michael Sugarman 1995 (Article (link to
  • Book: THE BOB BUTTERBEAN LOVE STORY, by Terry Page & Bob Love. Childen's book featuring Bob Butterbean who has a dysfluency problem. Boo Books 1995.
  • Book: MIDGET by Tim Bowler (Oxford University Press, Oxford 1994) "Midget the Mumbler; Fifteen years old. And he still can't master his speech impediment." "Midget the Moron. Can't read the simplest word or write his own name." "Midget the Mess. Acne all over. And three feet tall." "Midget the Mistake. My pathetic little brother." Locked in himself, locked in the body he hates, Midget still keeps thinking of the dream. The dream they told him he could never have - the boat with the sail bent on the boom, the boat plunging out through the water with Midget at the helm, away from the shore, away from the darkness and the pain.
  • Book: LOST BOYS NEVER SAY DIE by Alan Brown and Grant Forsberg (Dell Yearling Books, NY 1989). When his parents go off to explore the Arctic Circle, eleven-year old Lewis Dee is supposed to go to a special summer camp because he stutters. But to his delight, he never makes it to camp and ends up home alone. Lewis hides during the day and explores the woods at night. There he meets Max, an actor, who talks Lewis into joining a summer production of Peter Pan. But can Lewis sing and speak in front of all those people?
  • Book: THE SKATING RINK by Mildred Lee (Seabury Press, New York 1969). A novel for children in their early teens. The main character is a young boy who stammers.
  • Book: THE GOLDEN BIRD by Bertie Doherty. An uplifting child's story, beautifully illustrated. Review.
  • Book: RELAX, by Catherine O'Neill. Child's Play. (Int) Ltd 1993.
  • DVD: STUTTERING: FOR KIDS BY KIDS. Meet Swish and his young friends. They talk about stuttering, teasing, what helps and how to teach others about stuttering. Features cartoon animation and real children in an engaging and lively video. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2004. 12 minutes. You can also watch the video online on the SFA website:
  • Book: THINK POSITIVE FOR KIDS: 101 stories about good decisions, self-esteem, and positive thinking. Ed. Kevin Sorbo & Amy Newmark. This book, written generally for children to show them how positive thinking can help them, has an excellent chapter by Jody Fuller on how he dealt with his stammer as a boy by accepting it and celebrating its uniqueness. But it took time to happen! Chicken Soup for the Soul 2013.

For teens (non-fiction)

  • Book: DO YOU STUTTER - A GUIDE FOR TEENS. Published by the Speech Foundation of America as No.21. Edited by Jane Fraser and William Perkins.
  • DVD: STUTTERING: STRAIGHT TALK FOR TEENS published by the Stuttering Foundation of America. This 30-minute DVD is narrated by an American high school students who stammer, and provides good advice both on the general nature of stammering and the problems faced by secondary school students. 2010. You can also watch the video online on the SFA website:
  • DVD: BEAT IT, Channel 5. This documentary features a 13-year-old boy taking part in the Starfish Project course. It was broadcast on 26th June 2007

For parents

Books for parents

  • Book: STAMMERING: ADVICE FOR ALL AGES by Renée Byrne and Louise Wright. Aimed at parents of children who stammer as well as adults who stammer, the book includes information about stammering, details of therapeutic approaches, advice, exercises, and contributions from people who stammer. 133 pages, 2008. This book is also available for sale in the BSA shop.
  • Book: YOUNG CHILDREN WHO STUTTER (AGES 2-6), by J. Scott Yaruss & Nina A. Reardon-Reeves (5th edn.) This book is designed to help parents of children who stammer. It contains much useful information about stammering, and looks at the best treatment options for a child of this age. National Stuttering Asssociation, 2007.
  • Book: HOW TO MANAGE COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS IN YOUNG CHILDREN by Myra Kersner & Jannet A Wright (Eds). 2002. Guide to understanding and helping children whose speech and language is delayed or impaired. Provides an overview of normal development and speech and language difficulties in young children. For parents and professionals.
  • Book: HELPING CHILDREN COPE WITH STAMMERING by Jackie Turnbull and Trudy Stewart. 1996, Sheldon Press.
  • Book: TROUBLE TALKING: A GUIDE FOR THE PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DIFFICULTIES by James Law and Jane Elias (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London 1996). This book is for parents of children with all speech and language difficulties, not just stammering. It provides a useful overview of the way in which language develops and the problems that can arise when it does not.
  • Book: LIVING AND LEARNING WITH A CHILD WHO STUTTERS. "From a parents point of View". By Lise G. Cloutier-Steele. NC Press Toronto. 107 pages.
  • Book: IF YOUR CHILD STUTTERS - A GUIDE FOR PARENTS. Published by the Speech Foundation of America as No.11
  • Book: STUTTERING AND YOUR CHILD - QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Published by the Speech Foundation of America as No.22.
  • Book: STAMMERING IN YOUNG CHILDREN. A practical self-help programme for parents, by Ann Irwin. Thorsons 1988.
  • Book: STUTTERING PREVENTED, by William H Perkins. Whurr Publishers 1992. Book for parents whose children are at risk of stuttering or who have began stammering.
  • Book: STUTTERING PREVENTION, a clinical method, by C Woodruff Starkweather. USA 1990. Manual for parents who are concerned their child might be stuttering.
  • Book: UNDERSTANDING STUTTERING - INFORMATION FOR PARENTS, by Eugene B Cooper 1990 (revised edition). Provides information on stammering, causes and suggestions for parents.
  • Book: STUTTERING - ITS PREVENTION, from the Stuttering Foundation of America as No.3. (1961) 1979. Written for all parents who do not want their children to stutter. Offers advice and suggestions.
  • Book: STUTTERING AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, by Wendell Johnson. Dolphin (USA) 1961. How parents and teachers can help children and how adults can help themselves.
  • Booklet: SCHOOL IS NOT COMPULSORY: THE ESSENTIAL INTRODUCTION TO HOME BASED EDUCATION, by Education Otherwise, 2000. Booklet explaining rights and duties and discusses the practicalities of dealing with education authorities. Also contains personal experiences in the words of parents and children embarking on home based education.

DVDs for parents

  • DVD: SEVEN TIPS FOR TALKING WITH THE CHILD WHO STUTTERS, Stuttering Foundation, 2014. 'This DVD features some of the world's leading hands-on therapists offering practical strategies parents can use at home to support their young child's communication skills and build confidence.' You can also watch it online at
  • DVD: KIDS WHO STUTTER: PARENTS SPEAK, Stuttering Foundation 2014. 'In this 16-minute DVD, parents of children who stutter join a group of speech and language therapists to talk compassionately and directly about what has worked for them as they interact with their child.' You can also watch it online at
  • DVD: THE KID'S SPEECH, BBC, 2011. Documentary following three children who stammer as they take a course at the Michael Palin Centre. Broadcast in October 2011.
  • DVD: STUTTERING AND YOUR CHILD: HELP FOR PARENTS from the Stuttering Foundation of America. (30 minutes, colour.) This DVD deals with the problems met by parents when their children first begin to stammer, describes what factors put a child at risk and deals with treatment, showing therapy in action. In English and Spanish.  Review. You can also watch the video online on the SFA website:
  • DVD: TOM'S STORY: THE LIDCOMBE PROGRAM OF EARLY STUTTERING INTERVENTION, Australian Stuttering Research Centre. This 20 minute film is suitable for parents and speech and language therapists, although it is not intended to be used for training purposes. It provides an introduction to the way that the Lidcombe Program is used with pre-school children. It includes contributions by Mark Onslow, Director of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre, Vanessa Harris, a practicising Speech Pathologist, and Lucy, the mother of a pre-school aged child. 2007. (NTSC format - might not play in all DVD players.)
  • DVD: TIME TO TALK: HOW TO HELP CHILDREN WHO STAMMER, Association for Research into Stammering in Childhood. c1990

For teachers

  • DVD: WAIT, WAIT, I'M NOT FINISHED YET, by the Michael Palin Centre. This DVD, featuring 2 films of children who stammer (longer and shorter version), is intended to raise awareness across the educational world about the problems in school of children and young people who stammer. This resource is the outcome of the Stammering Information Programme launched in October 2009.
  • Book and DVD: TEASING AND BULLYING: UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR PROGRAM, Marilyn Langevin. This book, with DVD attached, provides guidance for teachers, children and parents on how to cope with the unacceptable behaviour of teasing and bullying, both at school and in other environments. Istar, 2000. Review by BSA Education Officer Cherry Hughes.
  • DVD: STUTTERING: STRAIGHT TALK FOR TEACHERS, 3rd edn. Students who stutter talk to teachers about their experiences. Kristin Chmela and Bill Murphy answer questions and offer expert advice about what works in the classroom. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2009. 20 minutes. You can also watch the video online on the SFA website:
  • Book: SUPPORTING CHILDREN WITH SPEECH AND LANGUAGE IMPAIRMENT AND ASSOCIATED DIFFICULTIES, by Jill McMinn. 2002. Book describes how speech and language difficulties can affect children's learning, in both specialist and mainstream settings. Outlines main areas of difficulty for pupils and suggests how teachers can make the curriculum more accessible for pupils.
  • CD ROM: A GUIDE TO GOOD PRACTICE WHEN WORKING WITH PUPILS WHO STAMMER IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS, British Stammering Association. An updated  version is now available online:
  • DVD: NAHT ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2009, short BSA video for National Association of Head Teachers conference.
  • CD ROM: A GUIDE TO GOOD PRACTICE WHEN WORKING WITH PUPILS WHO STAMMER IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS, British Stammering Association. An updated  version is now available online:
  • DVD & CD ROM SCHOOL TALK, Communications Forum. A multimedia package designed to assist the whole school team in creating an environment which supports the needs of children with communication difficulties in mainstream school at key stage 2 (ages 7 to 11). Includes a 30 minute DVD, and a CD-ROM containing trainer's manual, overheads and participant's notes. 2006.
  • Book: INCLUDING YOUNG PEOPLE WITH SPEECH, LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION DIFFICULTIES IN SECONDARY SCHOOL, Afasic: This book, together with the attached CD, is intended to advise secondary school teachers on how to help and support those pupils who have a specific difficulty with speech, language and communication in their schoolwork. Afasic, 2009.

(The Reference section below includes further teachers items, some of which are also available to buy.)


(Not to be taken out, but can be consulted in the BSA office by appointment - telephone 020-8983 1003 or email

  • Book: STAMMERING: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR TEACHERS AND OTHER PROFESSIONALS by Lena Rustin, Frances Cook, Willie Botterill, Cherry Hughes and Elaine Kelman, Foreword by Michael Palin. Essential information and guidance about stammering for those in an educational setting. Review. 2001, 130 pages.
  • Information pack: BULLYING AND THE DYSFLUENT CHILD IN PRIMARY SCHOOL published by the British Stammering Association. Revised reprint of this pack consisiting of 150 hard-card pages in a ring-folder, with more than 30 photocopiable exercises. Aimed at helping teachers who have a child in their class who stammers, also useful for SLTs working with dysfluent children. 2nd ed. 1999. Also available to buy.
  • Ring binder: HELPING STUTTERING PUPILS, European League of Stuttering Associations and Irish Stammering Association. Papers relating to the ELSA conference held in Dublin 27th Feb-1st March 1998 in association with the Irish Stammering Association.
  • Report: SELF HELP FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN WHO STUTTER, European League of Stuttering Associations. Paper presented at a European Seminar in Bonn, German, November 1994 relating to self help advice for parents of children who stutter.
  • Book: ASK, by Pat Brickley & Sue Schutt. Ask 1993. Handbook for help and support for families of children and young people with special needs. Provides contacts and useful advice.
  • Book: IMPLEMENTING THE DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT IN SCHOOLS AND EARLY YEARS SETTINGS, Disability Rights Commission. Guide (which may not be out of date), including an outline for a disability equality scheme, a summary of the requirements of the different parts of the DDA, and further information for training and development work. Department for Education and Skills, 2006.

There is a selection of BBC and other network programmes on stammering available to view at the BSA office; all inquiries to the librarian.