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In our library: general books on stammering, biography, fiction, and history, plus some reference books.


The speech and language therapist books may also be of interest to other people wanting more technical materials.

  • Book.STAMMERING: ADVICE FOR ALL AGES by Renée Byrne and Louise Wright. Aimed at both adults who stammer and parents of children who stammer, the book includes information about stammering, details of therapeutic approaches, advice, exercises, and contributions from people who stammer. 133 pages, 2008. This book is also available for sale in the BSA shop. Review, and Preview by the authors.
  • Book: BEYOND STUTTERING: the McGuire programme for getting good at the sport of speaking. By Dave McGuire. Revised and updated version of Beyond Stammering which outlines McGuire's approach to stammering, dealing with the fear of speaking as well as developing an assertive approach to controlling the stammer. Souvenir Press 2014. Reviews of previous editions. (See also McGuire programme)
  • Book: DYSFLUENCIES: ON SPEECH DISORDERS IN MODERN LITERATURE by Chris Eagle. The first comprehensive study of how speech disorders are portrayed in modern literature. It asks searching questions about the attitude of writers to stammering and other speech disorders. Bloomsbury 2014. Review.
  • Book: STAMMERING THERAPY FROM THE INSIDE: new perspectives on working with young people and adults, ed Carolyn Cheasman et. al, 2013. Produced by therapists at City Lit, this book offers a comprehensive overview of a range of contemporary stammering therapy approaches. Most chapters are co-authored by therapists and people who stammer. Book review.
  • Book: NO MIRACLE CURES: A MULTIFACTORAL GUIDE TO STUTTERING THERAPY by Thomas David Kehoe. , University College Press, 2011. This new edition outlines three eras of stuttering therapy in the USA, beginning in 1927. It says all three types of therapy are needed to successfully treat stuttering. The book aims to unconfuse consumers, and so to enable better decisions regarding treatment.
  • Book: SELF-THERAPY FOR THE STUTTERER, by Malcom Fraser. This book, written by the founder of the Stuttering Foundation of America, is designed for those stammerers who either cannot get professional help or who have trouble profiting from it. Stuttering Foundation of America, 10th edition, 2007.
  • Book: NO MIRACLE CURES: A MULTIFACTORAL GUIDE TO STUTTERING THERAPY by Thomas David Kehoe. This book looks at five factors that may cause stammering: genetics, two neurological abnormalities, responses to stress and speech-related fears and anxieties, and suggests treatments for them. University College Press, 2006. Review (which links to where the book can also be read online).
  • Book: STUTTER, by Marc Shell. "Explores the phenomenon of stuttering from its practical and physical aspects to its historical profile to its existential implications." 2006.
  • Book: STUTTERING RECOVERY: PERSONAL AND EMPIRICAL PERSPECTIVES, by Dale F. Williams. This is a general survey of problems in stammering recovery which includes personal accounts of stammering problems. 2006.
  • Book: VOICE CATCHER: AN ANTHOLOGY, Heather Kay ed. A collection of writings, many of which are poems, celebrating voices and languages, speech and the need to tell. A few excellent poems are about stammering. Voice Care Network UK, 2008.
  • Book: ODYSSEY OF THE VOICE, by Jean Abitbol. A general history of the human voice for both the general and specialist student. Plural Publishing, 2006.
  • Book: MASTERING BLOCKING AND STUTTERING: A COGNITIVE APPROACH TO ACHIEVING FLUENCY by Bob G Bodenhamer. Based on concepts of NLP/Neuro-Semantics. Crown House Publishing, 2004. Review.
  • Book: HOW TO CONQUER YOUR FEARS OF SPEAKING BEFORE PEOPLE, by John C. Harrison. 397 page A4 size manual - "a comprehensive program designed especially for people who stutter". 2004. (A new edition of this book, re-titled 'Redefining Stuttering - What The Struggle To Speak Is Really All About', is available for free online at
  • Book: UNDERSTANDING STUTTERING, by Nathan Lavid. Short book which aims to present stuttering from a medical point of view and discuss effective treatment in layman terms. University Press of Mississipi, 2003.
  • Book: ADVICE TO THOSE WHO STUTTER, Stuttering Foundation of America. Ideas and advice by 28 speech pathologists who have all had a stutter. 1998.
  • Book: COPING WITH STAMMERING by Dr Trudy Stewart and Jackie Turnbull, specialist speech and language therapists, Leeds, England. ISBN 0-85969-758-4. This is a self-help book for anyone who has a stammer, and who has questions and concerns and things they'd like to change and cope with more confidently. This book is also available for sale in the BSA shop at £7.99 inclusive of UK postage and packing.
  • Book: THE STAMMERING HANDBOOK, by Jenny Lewis. This book aims to help people of all ages overcome the worst symptoms of stammering, and to cope with them in all the varying situations of everyday life. 1997.
  • Book: COPING WITH STUTTERING, by Peter Louw. This book, written prinmarily for stammerers rather than for speech therapists, provides a description of the passive airflow technique. It also covers related subjects such as stress management, self assertion and various other speech techniques. Delta Books, 1996.
  • Book: THE STUTTERER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE by Nicholas Tunbridge. Support for those who have tried a stammering treatment and are facing the challenge of maintaining their fluency. With advice and strategies for 'hot spots' at school, work and play: including interviews, telephone conversations, presentations and parties. Addison-Wesley, Sydney, 1994. Review.
  • Book: STUTTERING - THE SEARCH FOR A CAUSE AND CURE by Oliver Bloodstein (Allyn and Bacon, Boston 1993) Oliver Bloodstein, author of the authoritative Handbook on Stuttering, has produced this much shorter, and rather excellent, layman's guide.
  • Book: THE NATURE OF STUTTERING, by Charles Van Riper. Waveland Press 1992. Seeks to define stuttering and its nature and development.
  • Book: LET'S TALK ABOUT STAMMERING by Renée Byrne. Published by the British Stammering Association. Revised edition 1991. Review.
  • Book: THERAPY FOR STUTTERERS. Produced by the Stuttering Foundation of America as No.10.
  • Book: UNDERSTANDING AND CONTROLLING STUTTERING by William D. Parry. A comprehensive new approach based on the Valsalva Hypothesis. 1992 (1st ed.) (
  • Book: STAMMERING - IT'S ANALYSIS, CAUSES AND CURE by R. Macdonald Ladell. 1958 (1940)
  • Book: OVERCOMING STAMMERING by R Macdonald Ladell. Thomas 1977
  • Book: STUTTER NO MORE, by Martin F. Schwartz. A technique for which the author claims a 93.4% success rate. . Simon & Schuster 1991.
  • Book: STUTTERING SOLVED, by Martin F. Schwartz. Heinemann 1976.
  • 8 books: THE EUMETRO TREATMENT OF STAMMERING, by William Wareing. Book 1. health and habits; 2. breathing and mental tranquility; 3. breathing and voice and role played by the lips and tongue; 4. vocal gymnastics and the nerves; 5. mental stocktaking and consonants; 6. consonants and combined consonants; 7. reading and recitation; 8. thought control and the future. (Count the 8 books as one item.)
  • Book: FREEDOM FROM YOUR STAMMER, by Ulrich D. Bocks. 1966. Ulrich Bocks' own ideas on how a stammerer can achieve freedom from their stammer.
  • Book: STUTTERING AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, by Wendell Johnson. Dolphin (USA) 1961. How parents and teachers can help children and how adults can help themselves.
  • Book: STAMMERING, ITS CAUSE AND CURE, by Nathaniel Bogue. This book, originally published in 1929, expounds the 'Bogue Unit Method of restoring perfect speech'. BiblioBazaar, 2006. The book is also available free online at
  • Book: THIRTEEN WAYS OF LOOKING AT STAMMERING, by David Mitchell, illustrated by Marion Stelter. The title of the book is actually in German, 'Dreizehn Arten das Stottern zu betrachten'. It is a speech by BSA patron David Mitchell at the 2013 World Congress of People who Stutter. The book gives it in English plus a German translation, with illustrations. Demosthenes-Verlag 2016. You can also read the speech online (in English) at, or watch it as a Youtube video.


  • Book: SHOUTING FROM THE SUMMITS, by Kala Ramachandran. Kala's mountaineering adventures preparing to climb Mt Everest have helped her deal with her stammer. She introduces the book here: Shouting from the summits. 2016, Clink Street Publishing.
  • Book: SPEAKING OUT: LESSONS IN LIFE AND POLITICS, by Ed Balls. A revealing and moving account by a prominent British politician about his career and in particular how he coped with discovering he had a stammer at the age of 41. Hutchinson, 2016. Extract.
  • Book (display file): WORDS DON'T COME EASY, BY Susan Wharton. This is an excellent first-person account by a person who stammers of her upbringing and schooldays in contemporary Lancashire. Privately published, 2016. Review.
  • Book: OUT WITH IT: HOW STUTTERING HELPED ME FIND MY VOICE by Katherine Preston. A powerful memoir by a young woman who fought for a long time to change who she was until she finally found her own voice and learned to come to terms with her stammering. Review, and Interview with Katherine Preston.
  • Book: WHY I CALLED MY SISTER HARRY by Michael O'Shea. The journey of someone who lived with a severe stammer for almost 40 years. He subsequently become an instructor and later staff trainer for the McGuire Programme. Review.
  • Book: THE KING'S SPEECH: how one man saved the British monarchy, by Mark Logue & Peter Conradi. The author, grandson of Lionel Logue, the speech therapist, describes how his grandfather helped King George VI to alleviate his stammer. Quercus, 2010. Review.
  • Book: MY FAMILY MY STAMMER AND ME, by Rosemary Fisher. "The History of the Rise and Fall of a Stammer." Self-published. 2005.
  • Book: THE HAUNTING OF A FAVOURITE SON, by Noel Hodson. An inspiring and hopeful tale of a man crippled by an acute shyness known as social-phobia. Britannica, 2003.
  • Book: GARETH GATES - RIGHT FROM THE START (co-author Sian Solanas, Virgin Books). "This is my life so far from my perspective - from the moment i was born to becoming a No.1 popstar." Review.
  • Book: THE MAN WHO LOST HIS LANGUAGE, by Sheila Hale. Penquin Books 2002. Biographical account from Sheila Hale of her husband John Hale's stroke and her determination to find out what happened and how his life might be brought back to normal.
  • Book: LIVING WITH STUTTERING, edited by Kenneth St Louis. Popular 2001. A book for and about people who stutter as well as those who seek to understand and help them. Review.
  • Book: THE STRAIGHT MAN - MY LIFE IN COMEDY, by Nicholas Parsons (who overcame his stammer). Weidenfeldt and Nicholson. 1994.
  • Book: NOT GOOD AT TALKING by Tim Newark. Barton 1993. This is a study of famous people who have stammered, written by a stammerer for stammerers. It is intended as a source of inspiration, and to show that stammering need not be a barrier to achievement and success.
  • Booklet: STUTTERING: A GIFT REJECTED. One man's victory over speech blocks, by M.G. Bradley. 1991.
  • Book: A TASTE OF FREEDOM. Essays on life and stuttering, by Victoria Benson. National Stuttering Project of America 1990.
  • Book: CHANGING FACES by James Partridge. James Partridge shows how facial disfigurement is not a disability but a challenge that can be successfully overcome by developing self assertiveness and self confidence. Changing Faces 1990
  • Book: THE FACE OF ALL THE WORLD IS CHANGED: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL STUDY WITH THE FOCUS ON STUTTERING, by Ida E. Whitten. Autobiography of Ida Whitten and how she overcame her stammer. Scott Zoller 1989.
  • Book: JUST A COUNTRY SOLICITOR by T Wilson Goad (Dalesman Books, Lancaster 1989) T Wilson Goad has been 'just a [stammering] country solicitor' for forty years. In this book he recalls cases from his early days in practice just after the war. Set in the Cumbria landscape, some of these stories have inspired scenes in the Granada TV series "Capstick's Law".
  • Book: TANGLED TONGUE, by Jock Carlisle. Biographical account of the inner world of a person who stammers. USA 1985.
  • Book: MY FATHER, DR VAN by Charles Van Riper (John M Longyear Research Library, 1982) Charles Van Riper's biography of his father's life and work as a physician in Northern Michigan.A fascinating insight into the family history of one of the godfathers of modern speech and language therapy - and a real catch for the BSA library as it has been out of print for a long time.
  • Book: THE P-P-PENGUIN PATRICK CAMPBELL selected by Kaye Webb (Penguin Books, 1966). Not so much a Penguin - more a rocking horse canter round the unlimited mind of an Irish peer - one of the last of a great herd of humorists that formerly roamed the paper plains of Fleet Street.
  • Book: GOOD PEOPLE - THE BEST OF SPEAKING OUT - from the magazine of the Canadian Speak Easy organisation, an anthology of short articles and stories. Edited by Mike Hughes. 284 pages. Review.
  • Book: TO SAY WHAT IS OURS. the best of 13 years of 'Letting Go' the Newsletter of the National Stuttering Project of America. Edited by John Ahlbach and Vicki Benson. 1994
  • Book: TO SAY WHAT IS OURS. the best of ten years of 'Letting Go' the Newsletter of the National Stuttering Project of America. Edited by John Ahlbach. 1990.
  • Book: THE POACHERS LAWYER, Hunter Adair. Chancery House Press. This book, by a writer who has written about his stammering experiences in the past, is about the law of the countryside, The writer gives many examples from court cases as to how it is applied. See also Hunter's books on this website My Silent Pause about his life with a stammer, and Some Wildlife Secrets.


  • Book: SHEGATE, by Ellen-Marie Silverman. SheGate is the third volume in the Jason Loring Trilogy and written by a speech and langage therapist, this is a deeply moving conclusion showing how it is possible to come to terms with a stammer in one's maturity, in this case using mindfulness tachniques. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016. Review.
  • Book: FIRST PERSON SHOOTER, by Cameron Raynes. This book, set in Australia, is an excellent account of a teenager with a stammer who copes, in the end successfully, with a violent crisis in his family. Midnight Sun, 2016. Review.
  • Book: BLACK SWAN GREEN, by David Mitchell. In a dank village in Worcestershire Jason Taylor, a 13-year-old stammerer and poet, anticipates a stultifying year in the deadest village on earth. But he is in for a surprise. 2006. Review; and Article by David Mitchell.
  • Book: JASON'S SECRET, by Ellen-Marie Silverman. The story of Jason as a young boy with a stammer. First of a trilogy. Review.
  • Book:  DEAD LANGUAGES. A novel by David Shields. Knopf. 1989. The story of a young man who stutters so badly that he worships words. Reviews.
  • Book: I, CLAUDIUS by Robert Graves (Penguin Books, London) Into the autobiography of Clau-Clau-Claudius, the stammerer who was destined to become Emperor in spite of himself, Graves packs the everlasting intrigues, the depravity, the bloody purges and mounting cruelty of the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius, soon to culmintae in the deified insanity of Caligula. One of the foremost historical novels of our times, and the basis to the BBC series with Derek Jacobi portraying Claudius.

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  • Book: STUTTERING - A SHORT HISTORY OF A CURIOUS DISORDER by Marcel E Wingate (Greenwood Publishing, Westport CT, 1997).
  • Book: KNOTTED TONGUES by Benson Bobrick. Stuttering in history and the quest for a cure. Review.


(Not to be taken out, but can be consulted in the BSA office by appointment - telephone 020-8983 1003 or email

  • Book: THE 2002 OFFICIAL PATIENT'S SOURCEBOOK ON STUTTERING, edited by James N. Parker & Philip M. Parker. Icon Health Publications 2002. Sourcebook for non professionals, physicians and healthcare providers wishing to pursue self-directed research. Background information, glossaries, references and directory information.
  • Book: REPORT: EUROPEAN IDEAS EXCHANGE: APPROACH TO DISABILITY IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES BASED ON STUTTERING THERAPY ACHIEVEMENTS, Polish Stuttering Association. A report based upon the Conference held in Cracow 16th-19th November 2000.
  • Ring binder: STUTTERING AWARENESS, European League of Stuttering Associations. Papers presented at an ESLA Seminar in Austria 1999 relating to the awareness of stuttering. Includes a paper by Norbert Lieckfeldt of the BSA.
  • Book: SOCIAL SERVICES YEAR BOOK 1999, Financial Times Management. Pitman Publishing. Guide to social services provision in the UK in 1999. Detailed information covering central and local government social services, education and health, non-statutory social welfare provision, voluntary, charitable and private organisations.
  • Report: REPORT ON THE ELSA YOUTH MEETING, NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS 19-26 JULY 1997 compiled by Anita Blom and Edwin J Farr, European League of Stuttering Associations. Themes discussed include alternative communication through art, sign language and mime. Stuttering is described in brief, the formation of ELSA and its aims and objectives.
  • Report: REPORT ON THE ELSA YOUTH MEETING, LINKOPING, SWEDEN 26-29TH JULY, 1995, European League of Stuttering Associations. Themes discussed within the report describe the nature of stuttering in brief, the national associations of Europe, the formation of ELSA and its aims and objectives.
  • A4 booklet: LIVING WITH COMMUNICATION IMPAIRMENT, Department of Clinical Communications Studies. Study commissioned by the Communications Forum focusing on communication impairment. The sample consisted of men and women with various impairments including stammering, autism, dysphasia, dyslexia, laryngectomy and hearing and visual impairment.
  • Paper: THE GERMAN STUTTERERS SELF HELP ASSOCIATION AND ITS CONTRIBUTION TO THE PREVENTION OF STUTTERING, by Oranna Christmann. Paper presented at the first IFA Congress in Munchen relating to the German Self Help Association (Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbshilfe).
  • Papers & CD Rom: LET THE WORDS FLOW WITH DR FLUENCY, by Speech Therapy Systems Ltd. Computer based fluency program.