For speech and language therapists: Video (DVDs)

In our library: DVDs for speech and language therapists, and other professionals.


  • DVD: UNDERSTANDING NEW GENETIC FINDINGS IN STUTTERING, with Dennis Drayna, Ph.D. This 72-minute DVD provides an update on recent research findings in the genetics of stammering. It discusses evidence for genetic factors in stammering, genes discovered to date, their function and what they tell us about underlying causes of stammering. Stuttering Foundation 2017.
  • DVD: CLUTTERING: Florence Myers & Kenneth St. Louis. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2012. "This DVD features people who clutter and clearly illustrates the essence of cluttering as well as the problems that often accompany it."
  • DVD: NEUROPHYSIOLOGY OF STUTTERING, Martin Sommer. In this 50-minute presentation, Martin Sommer gives an overview of essential neurophysiological findings that improve our understanding of the pathophysiology of stuttering. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2012. (Clips on YouTube.)
  • DVD: TOOLS FOR SUCCESS: A COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY TASTER, Frances Cook & Willie Botterill. Highlights from a workshop run by the authors providing valuable insights into working with the cognitive aspects of stuttering. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2009. View an extract on the SFA website.
  • DVD: SCORING DISFLUENCIES, Diane Fillion Parris. In this DVD clinicians are trained to differentiate between the various types of dysfluencies, code them, and analyse the data accordingly. Stutteirng Foundation of America, 2010.
  • DVD: STUTTERING: BASIC CLINICAL SKILLS, Stuttering Foundation. Demonstrates speech management strategies to help work effectively with both children and adults who stammer. 2007, 128 minutes.

Children and young people

  • DVD: HELP CHILDREN MAKE SPEECH CHANGE, by Patricia Zebrowski. In this 153-minute DVD, Dr Patricia Zebrowski describes how to teach school-age children to make speech change using Dean Williams's Normal Talking Approach as a foundation. Stuttering Foundation, 2015.
  • DVD: HELPING CHILDREN CHANGE THOUGHTS & FEELINGS ABOUT COMMUNICATION, with Vivian Sisskin. Stuttering Foundation 2014. In this 2 hours 55 minute DVD, clinicain Vivian Siskin presents a multi-dimensional approach to help children address the thoughts and feelings that sometimes co-exist with stuttering.
  • DVD: EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE AND PRACTICE-BASED EVIDENCE: CLOSING THE GAP, Nan Ratner. In this 62-minute DVD, Dr Ratner suggests that there is no single best approach to the treatment of a particular type of client, and that we need to search out and integrate many sources of evidence in our treatment. Stuttering Foundation, 2012.
  • DVD: STUTTERING 101, Barry Guitar. This 71-minute DVD is a tool for clinicians who work with the school-age child who stutters. It includes stuttering modification and fluency shaping and key concepts associated with them. Stuttering Foundation, 2011. The child who stutters: Practical ideas for the school clinician series.
  • DVD: ADHD AND CHILDREN WHO STUTTER, Joseph Donaher. In this 54-minute presentation, Dr Donaher introduces the clinical aspects of ADHD and discusses clinical management accommodations that may improve therapeutic outcomes for children with ADHD who stammer. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2011. (Clip on YouTube.)
  • DVD: STUTTERING INTERVENTION FOR TEENS, by Patricia Zebrowski. This 90-minute DVD is particularly aimed at the clinician dealing with adolescents and includes information about motor and mental training, plus a discussion of emotions related to stammering at this age. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2011.
  • DVD: IMPLEMENTING COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY WITH SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN, Stuttering Foundation, 2010. This 1 hour, 40 minute DVD uses cognitive behaviour therapy to help children change their thoughts and feelings about stammering, and test their beliefs about listener reactions.
  • DVD: MOVING FROM ASSESSMENT TO INTERVENTION PLANNING, Sheryl Gottwald. This presentation provides a framework for developing interventions for preschool children who stammer and their families. Stuttering Foundation, 2010.
  • DVD: NEW DIMENSIONS IN PARENT COUNSELLING, David M. Luterman. This DVD is divided into 2 parts: Group Therapy with Parents (101 minutes) and Therapists' Review of the Parents' Session (87 minutes) and shows David Luterman facilitating a group of parents of children who stutter. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2010.
  • DVD: ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT OF CHILDHOOD STUTTERING. Edward Conture. This DVD discusses the current, data-based approaches to the assessment and treatment of preschool-age children who stammer. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2010
  • DVD: WORKING WITH PRESCHOOLERS WHO STUTTER: SUCCESSFUL INTERVENTION STRATEGIES, by Kristin A. Chmela. This one-hour and 45-minute DVD, with accompanying booklet, offers practical strategies for working with very young children who stammer. Its structured approach aims to involve parents in the process. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2010.
  • DVD: THE SCHOOL CLINICIAN: WAYS TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE, Peter Ramig. This 84-minute DVD is designed to be an ideal tool for clinicians who work with the school-age child who stammers. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2010.
  • DVD: DEALING WITH GUILT AND SHAME, Bill Murphy. This 89-minute DVD is intended for the clinician who works with school-age children who stammer. It includes: Why Thoughts and Emotions Are Important; Stuttering Triangle; Essental Tools and Paper and Pencil Tasks; Portfolio Assessment; Therapy for Reducing Negative Thoughts; Shame vs. Guilt; Keys to Progress. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2009.
  • DVD: A MULTIDIMENSIONAL APPROACH TO ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT, E. Charles Healey. This 73-minute DVD is intended for clinicians who work with school-age children who stammer. It deals in detail with the CALMS model of stammering. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2009.
  • DVD: COUNSELING THE PARENTS OF CHILDREN WHO STUTTER, Patricia Zebrowski. This DVD covers very widely the emotional problems that parents of children who stammer often have to face. Stuttering Foundation, 2008.
  • DVD: COUNSELLING: LISTENING TO AND TALKING WITH PARENTS OF CHILDREN WHO STUTTER, Stuttering Foundation of America. In this 50-minute DVD, many noted clinicains demonstrate and discuss strategies for counseling parents in all stages of the treatment process. 2007.
  • DVD: TOM'S STORY: THE LIDCOMBE PROGRAM OF EARLY STUTTERING INTERVENTION, Australian Stuttering Research Centre. This 20 minute film is suitable for parents and speech and language therapists, although it is not intended to be used for training purposes. It provides an introduction to the way that the Lidcombe Program is used with pre-school children. It includes contributions by Mark Onslow, Director of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre, Vanessa Harris, a practicising Speech Pathologist, and Lucy, the mother of a pre-school aged child. 2007. (NTSC format - might not play in all DVD players.)
  • DVD: DEALING EFFECTIVELY WITH ATTITUDES AND EMOTIONS, by Kristin A. Chmela. Designed to help clinicians who work with school-age children who stammer. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2005.


  • DVD: AVOIDANCE REDUCTION THERAPY IN A GROUP SETTING, Vivian Sisskin. In this 2-hour DVD, Vivian Siskin 'walks clinicians through methods of group therapy while providing the nuts and bolts of Avoidance Reduction Therapy'. As well as a tutorial for SLTs, the DVD can serve as a self-primer for people who stammer.
  • DVD: ADULT STUTTERING THERAPY, Charles Van Riper. This single DVD, over 6 hours long, reproduces all of Van Riper's classic series of 9 videotapes (below) on this subject. They depict the management of stammering from the evaluation interview, through 7 therapy sessions, to both one-year and 20-year follow-up. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2013.
    "Message to a Stutterer" (34 minutes) is a documentary tribute to eminent American psychologist Joseph Sheehan who ran the stammering clinic at the University of California for 35 years. It comprises archive footage of research, experimentation, lectures and TV appearances outlining avoidance reduction therapy.
    "No Words to Say" (56 minutes): filmed at UCLA's stammering clinic, students share their personal experiences - their fears, failures, and triumphs. Review. (Video cassette. Alternatively, we have 'Message to a stutterer' as a videotape).