Fluency questionnaire from University College London

| 18.03.2019

The Speech Group Lab at University College London (UCL) invites you to take part in an online survey to explore the experience of living with speech dysfluency. Using the information, they hope to develop further tools that can be used in the assessment of speech fluency.

Overall Goal

Roa'a AlSulaiman, PhD student at UCL, says, 'Currently, there isn’t a tool which measures a person’s fluency. Our goal for this questionnaire is to design a ‘scale of fluency’.

It is part of a wider project on developing measurements that could be used to screen people for dysfluency. Although this project is not specifically designed for people who stammer, it is our hope to make a positive impact in creating awareness about the importance of screening and early intervention for speech dysfluencies.

We want everyone to take part and fill out the survey, whether you stammer or not, so that we create a measure that focuses on fluency in general and allows everyone to participate. This is an important feature in the definition of speech fluency in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5; American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

Another important feature is that it looks at effective consequences of stammering, such as stress and anxiety.  These two important requirements were taken into consideration when this questionnaire was designed.'

Participating in the study

The questionnaire can be found at this link:

The researchers would like as many people to participate - you don't have to have a stammer yourself - and would be grateful if you can share the link with people who might be interested.