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The Stammering Support Centre’s (SSC) coffee morning

Alison McLaughlin | 01.12.2013

LMU studentsThis ISAD, we launched our 'Say something about stammering' campaign at Leeds Metropolitan University.

The exciting combination of cakes, tea, a brass quartet, a megaphone and a flash mob of people passionate about promoting stammering awareness to the wider community, certainly brought the issue to the front of peoples’ minds. The day was a success, with people who stammer getting the opportunity to have their voices heard, educate and talk openly about stammering. At each of our cake/information stands, we asked people to make a pledge to 'Say something about stammering'. The pledges that were made (over 100!) were a reflection of how much can be achieved in changing others’ perception and understanding in such a short space of time. We raised over £250 pounds, half of which we donated to the BSA. SSC group member Paul Wrighton tentatively agreed to come along and watch, so it was a real step for him to get involved. Paul said, "I felt anxious beforehand. However, once we were stood up, and the room went quiet and people listened, the anxiety went away and afterwards I felt good about myself.”

“Being part of the event was an absolute honour,” said Ciara Dowdall. “It was measured by how many people left that day knowing something about stammering, however small. I went through it with a smile on my face by how well it was received and hopefully others did too!”

Kate Drummond said, “The ISAD activities were a really fun way to raise awareness of stammering and the SSC amongst the student population. The flash mob had the ‘wow factor’ and energy that was needed to captivate the diners in the refectory – the room was silenced by the brass band and the honest and moving messages that were being spoken.”

From Speaking Out Winter 2013, p6